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Copenhagen-based freelance designer

Helping organizations communicate through identity-driven design solutions for both digital and physical spaces.  

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Visual identity
Graphic design

Web design
App design

Information architecture


I collaborate with great people like yourself.

People who work within areas like ...

Landscape Architecture







Identity-driven design makes a difference

You want to make yourself approachable.

Whether you're positioning a brand or letting people get to know a physical space, your identity and communication has to come across obvious and aligned with your values.

Identity makes your users understand.

I’ll help you design and build your identity. For digital spaces like websites, apps or your social media presence. Or for physical spaces, making your wayfinding system, signage or printed assets stand out.

In addition to design work, I help clients to uncover their needs - through advice on how to roll out their bright ideas in a complex world.

You and I

People like you makes my world (or rather my work life) go round. People who want to make a difference.

My clients typically work within:


Landscape architecture



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I’ve worked on projects for

Københavns Universitet
Aarhus Universitetsforlag
Thorvaldsens Museum
Bolig- og Planstyrelsen
Primetime Kommunikation

Green Innovation Group A/S
By Rum Skole Landskabsarkitekter
E-billet A/S
Fiskerikajen Engros ApS
Slikekspressen by Cloetta
... and many more

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I have worked with Lars on several occasions and each time has been a great pleasure, both professionally and personally - he has been very flexible and helped us meet some tight deadlines and still deliver high quality work. Very pleased with the results! ”

Caroline Bjørn Larsen

Project manager
Green Innovation Group A/S

Lars Hartmann is a rarity in the communications industry: Analytical and strategically sharp – with a focus on both business and users. On top of that, comes a unique creative and practical feel – both visually and linguistically. No web designer I have worked with matches Lars' unique combination of professional and personal skills.

Søren Schultz Jørgensen

Editor in Chief


What I do

Visual identity

Research & insights
Visual identity systems
Brand guidelines


User journey mapping
UX design
Webflow implementation

Graphic design

Print design
Paper and print guidance
Print plant communication

Information architecture

User persona analysis
User journey analysis
Design consulting

App design

UX design
UI design
Developer handoff
Quality assurance


Site analysis
User mapping
Visual identity systems
Signage design

That's what I do – Well, that, and a lot of other stuff ...

In reality, a lot of the work I do, is a combination of all the above.

Speaking of Space
The white-space section you've just scrolled through
is supposed to give you a well-deserved breather


As a designer schooled in Landscape Architecture, it's natural for me to approach design projects through the lens of an architect. To me the user journey of a digital project is very similar to the user journey for physical spaces. For the user to reach their goals, a clear hierarchy and visual cues has to be established. That goes for users of visual communication as well as for users of physical spaces. And the same goes for my clients, whom I also strive to guide through design processes in the most transparent and obvious way, fitting the individual project.


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To me, good client relations is about making complex things simple. So we can act together. Let’s act.

Lars Hartmann
(Cand. Hort. Arch. + MMD)

Det Gule Baghus
Niels Ebbesens Vej
1911 Frederiksberg C
26 24 09 50


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