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CSR Advisors Denmark


Visual identity and website for professional network of businesses working with Corporate Social Responsibility.


Visual identity
Website built in Webflow

My role

Project management
Website implementation

External collaborators


The client, a network of businesses working with CSR consulting, had their steering committee approach me about updating their logo and building a website. The project evolved into designing af new visual identity that would fit their many channels –with an emphasis on their digital presence; their website and social media channels.


An updated logo was designed, and while it is recycling bits of elements from their previous logo, it has more flexibility. A visual identity was designed around the logo with the intention to be highly flexible for many sorts of usage – and especially suitable for regular posts on social media. To go along with the design work, a social media strategy was developed featuring post format types and designs for LinkedIn and Instagram.

Logo rework

Old logo.
The client wanted to keep the circles

Logo rework.
...So we kept the circles.


Atlantique was chosen for its serious yet modern feel. UI elements, captions, tags etc. and is set with Inter.

The C logomark
Designed in a circular shape for use as avatar image.

The logomark is inspired by the concept of “Geologic time”. CSR is about not stealing the future from our descendants. So we have to be mindful throughout the Anthropocene and into future eras.

Colour palette
3 Primary colours + 6 blends.
The primary colors are inspired by nature – with a friendly nod to the SDG’s colors.

Previews from the custom built image bank collected from (non-tacky) stock photos.


A few words from the client

Lars Hartmann is an incredibly knowledgeable and precise partner. He guides in a delightfully dynamic way by enthusiastically presenting his customer with various options while developing ideas. And he always delivers on time. I would recommend Lars to anyone."

Tine Lange

Founder & Partner, Responsible assets
Member, CSR Advisors Denmark