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By Rum Skole

Landscape Architecture

Logo rework, visual identity and website for landscape architects teaching youth about democratic principles through designing and building outdoor spaces.


Logo rework
Visual identity
Website built in Webflow
Var. printed designs

My role

Digital design
Brand design assistant
Developer handoff
Quality assurance

External collaborators

Jonathan Filskov– Photography


The landscape architects from By Rum Skole have for some time had a bit of a mess with their many different types of communication material. Their core services are project courses, workshops and advice for schools, youth clubs and other actors who work with young people - and in this work there is a lot of handing over of material, both to customers and children/young people. They therefore needed assistance to refresh their logo, develop it into a visual identity and implement it on a number of media including a new website and various printed materials.


The new logo is a rework of their existing logo. A visual identity was unfolded around the logo, with an updated color palette, new choice of typeface and new graphic elements. The visual identity was implemented in a website and a wide range of printed assets like business cards, brochure, case presentations, letterhead and slide templates for Google Workspace, stickers and more.

Old logo.
The client wanted to maintain the logomark concept.

Logo rework.
I made a rework with a little bit of tidying up.

Cleaned up the vectors

Adjusted the kerning

Cleaned up letter alignment


The budget for typefaces was non-existent so the free typeface Work Sans was chosen for the visual identity as it is a beautiful humanistic typeface with a lot of flexibility.

It is used by all employees cross-platform, on both desktop projects and while working within the Google Workspace suite, where it is a native font.

To keep it light, we established a rule not to use font weights bolder than Medium.

The graphic element is based on the shape of the logomark. Simple as that. While it sure is recognisable.