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Fiskerikajen / Fiskerizakajaen


Danish seafood wholesaler Fiskerikajen, who has a strong sustainability profile, has opened a pop-up restaurant space intended for renting out cheaply to chefs who has exciting food concepts, they wish to try out.


Animated prototypes

My role

Shopify webshop implementation

External collaborators

No Title – Mural design


Fiskerizakayaen needed a visual identity to use for both the restaurants' physical appearance and for online marketing.


The visual identity was designed to feature a rather clean expression, with a slick logomark, clean typography and a focus on black and white. But as Fiskerikajen are a bunch of people who likes to shake up things a bit, a few elements that kind of rattle the cleanliness was added; color pops and a handwritten typeface that features the grungy and rowdy side of their identity.


Fiskerizakajaen is a subbrand of Fiskerikajen. Here’s their logo.

The eye of the fish is recycled through Fiskerizakajaens logo to trigger recognition. The fish eye will be used as the dot above the i.

The dots above the i’s are respectively open and closed to represent the duality of the business.


The dots may be used in different variations.

Colour palette:

Primary palette.

Secondary palette.
For the occational color pop, that’ll be needed for monochrome designs concepts like this.

Avatar image


Supporting graphics:

Instagram is Fiskerizakayaens main communcations medium. So the entire alphabet was made as individual Instagram “stickers” to use as recognisable branded elements on top of photos for stories, posts, etc.

Supporting typeface: 'Gatsunga'.

Supporting graphics:
Pattern with logotype and payoff

Example of application of pattern with logotype

Supporting graphics:

Examples of the visual identity implemented in instagram posts

Signage for building facade

Facade drawing for the sign painters

The facade IRL

Wall art by @notitle

Concept for communicating events via the facade.

A few words from the client

We have worked together with Lars for a long time, and the collaboration has developed into a partnership. Lars has captured our "vibe" in a terrific way and always has a good angle on the tasks. He is skilled at coming up with inspiration both for existing tasks, but also for completely new formats. We are very happy to work with Lars and he has an important role in our business. I give him my best recommendation."

Hjalte Jørgensen Pohlentz

Fiskerikajen Engros ApS