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Get to know me better

Personal projects


To give a better impression of who I am, and what I enjoy doing, I've collected a bunch of personal projects which I think, reflect my personality to some extend.


Music releases
Project management

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Art direction

External collaborators

Numerous musicians, creatives and other wonderful people

Project: Odsherred Posters

My wife Barbara and our two kids, Solveig and Elvin, spend a lot of our weekends and vacations in our summerhouse in Odsherred. It's a place that really gets me calm and inspired me. I've made these poster designs inspired by Odsherred.

A few photos from Instagram

Project: Clockwork

I've been producing music since I was a teenager. After 20 years of music making projects, I created this concept album called "Clockwork".

The concept was rather simple: 12 rappers were sent a bunch of my beats which they wrote some verses to. But there was a catch: They would get only one hour of studio time to record their verses – not a second more. So we managed to record an entire album with 12 lyricists in just 12 hours.

After recording, I did the post-production, mixing and art direction for the release. The photos of the rappers was taken by Jonathan Hjort.

Push play to listen to the record while scrolling

Teaser video from the Clockwork project
Kamera Jonathan Hjort / Brian Fensmark
Editing: Lars Hartmann
Music produced and mixed by Lars Hartmann aka Kongchain
Mastered by Anders Due-Boje
Music video from the Clockwork project: "Tal Ud".
Kamera og instruktion: Simon Frøsig Christensen
Editing: Lars Hartmann
Rap: Mund De Carlo & Pede B.
Hook: Rest In Beats
Produced and mixed by Lars Hartmann aka Kongchain
Co-produced by Rest In Beats
Mastered by Anders Due-Boje

Project: My rappin' youth

For a ten year stretch, I was very active in my rap band Organiseret Riminalitet. We had some airplay on national radio, played a lot of shows, released a bunch of records and also got to perform at the legendary Roskilde Festival.

Here we are performing at Roskilde Festival.

A bunch of old photos of the crew (Photo credits: Rasmus Dengsø, Carl Redhead; private collection)

Project: Rap lyrics

Besides producing music, I've also been active as a rapper and lyricist. I've released a bunch of records with my band, Organiseret Riminalitet, and some solo work. One of the outcomes I'm most proud of is that my lyrics for one of my songs has been printed in a book for public schools – giving the kids the opportunity to analyze the lyrics in class.

The song is written by me, produced by PhaFalAion.

Project: Flava in ya ear

I wanted to try out the enamel pin media for quite some time before making these. They turned out great. I've got more enamel pins coming up.

Various iterations of the design.

Project: Beat compilations

I've been Product Manager on these concept-based beat compilations released by the swedish label Ninetofive Records. The concept was for the beatmakers to pay homage to classic albums by making new tunes using samples from the same songs as the original artists sampled.

Beats & Remakes 01: : A tribute to A Tribe Called Quests album "Midnight Marauders"

Beats & Remakes 02: A tribute to Commons album "Resurrection".