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Vid&Sans / Aarhus Universitetsforlag

News media

Information architecture and webdesign for science oriented news media Vid&Sans.


Animated prototypes

My role

Digital design
Brand design assistant
Developer handoff
Quality assurance

External collaborators

Mattias Wohlert – Brand design
Sehen – Web implementation
Line Malling Schmidt – Illustrations
Ruth-Anne Dausell – Digital collages


Vid&Sans is a digital news media that daily gives you perspective, current affairs and knowledge delivered by the country's leading science journalists and researchers. I was tasked to make the webdesign.


I designed the sitemap, wireframes, animated prototypes and subsequent user interface design.

Logotype designed by
Mattias Wohlert

Primary colour palette.
For user interface elements.

Secondary colour palette.
For story graphics.


Mattias was lead on the design of the type system for the articles, inspired by classic newspaper design. I took the lead on selecting typefaces used for the user interface, system headlines, etc. Of course we did this in close collaboration to make sure everything would go well together.

The webdesign features a long range of different formats to show previews of articles.

The article thumb collages are designed by Ruth-Anne Dausell

The webdesign was made in Figma and handed off for development in Wordpress by Frederik Lauritsen from Sehen

A few words from the client

Lars Hartmann is a rarity in the communications industry: Analytical and strategically sharp – with a focus on both business and users. On top of that, comes a unique creative and practical feel – both visually and linguistically. No web designer I have worked with matches Lars' unique combination of professional and personal skills."

Søren Schultz Jørgensen

Editor in Chief